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What is Distance Learning?

Prospective Students

Distance learning is defined as a formal education process where the majority of the instruction occurs when the instructor and student are not in the same location and are often separated by time. Learn more about distance learning and your distance learning options by reading the following sections of this website.

Distance Learning Terms
A glossary of terms you will frequently run into when researching distance learning and online degree programs.

Distance Learning Methods
E-learning, correspondence courses, online education are all methods of distance learning. Learn more about distance learning and your options.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Distance Learning and Online Degrees

Advantages & Disadvantages of Distance Learning
A list that weighs the pros and cons of distance learning. Read More

Is Taking Distance Learning Classes Right for You?

Distance Learning – What to Expect
Each online university has their own style how they run their course. In general an online college degree will operate in the following manner. Read More

Who is Earning their Degree Online?

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Diploma Mills
In order to safe guard yourself from falling prey to one of these scam artists it is prudent to do some research by utilizing the following suggestions regarding diploma mills. Read More about Diploma Mills

Accreditation of Distance Learning Schools
Many distance learning programs are accredited. Some employers and academic institutions will not consider you as an applicant if the diploma or credits you posses are from a non accredited institution. It is best to know what this word really means and how to make sure your distance learning classes are accredited. Read More about Distance Learning Accreditation

Choosing an Distance Learning Program
There are a number of ways that you can choose an online degree program. Learn more about choosing the right online degree program for you. Read More about Distance Learning Programs

Online Degree Programs Gaining Speed
Online degree programs are very rapidly getting more and more popular. Read More about Online Degree Programs

Online Degree Education Myths
Learn about a variety of distance learning myths. Read More about Online Education Myths

Making the Best of an Online Education
Useful tips on how to get the most out of your online education.

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The Future of Learning is Now
Distance learning through online courses has become mainstream. Most universities are now offering a variety of online courses. Read More

Distance Learning Jobs
For Educators – Use our job board to find online course designers and distance learning instructor jobs.

Culinary Programs
Associates, certifications and Bachelors culinary programs throughout the United States.

Masters Degree Online A large number of universities offer a Masters Degree online. Find out how you can earn your MBA or other master college degree online.

Video Game Design Programs
Ever dreamed about helping to develop and design today’s hottest video games? These game design programs can help you get started.

Photography Programs
Courses and degree programs in photography.

Criminal Justice Programs
There are lots of online criminal justice programs to choose from.

Psychology Degree Programs
If you interested in getting a degree in psychology, check out your online psychology degree options on Online Degree Zone.

Nursing Degree Programs
Nurses will continue to be in demand as the baby boom population ages and the pool of nurses remains shallow. Now is a great time to get your nursing degree.

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Finding the best distance learning and online degree programs is easy with Online Degree Zone. Simply go to the menu on the left side of the page for the area of study that you are most interested in. In each of these sections you can review the top online universities that offer distance learning programs in each of those categories.

Why should you consider distance learning? Distance learning provides a number of benefits over traditional education including the ability to take course from some of the United States’ best learning institutions. It also allows you to learn in the comfort of you home (or wherever else you choose) and often on your own schedule.

Why get my college degree online? There are a variety of different reasons why it makes sense to get a university degree online. Taking distance learning courses online offers you the ability to take college courses from the luxury of your home or from anywhere in the world. Your schedule can be very flexible which allows you to continue with your daily life while working toward a online degree or masters degree.

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